Spectrum 3 MIR/NIR/FIR Spectrometer



From routine identification and verification to advanced research applications, you need the performance and flexibility to quickly, confidently, and cost effectively analyze a wide range of samples. The PerkinElmer Spectrum™ 3 FT-IR spectrometer provides the sampling flexibility and performance in mid, near, and far infrared ranges through a single instrument to advance research and new product development in academia, chemicals, polymers, and pharmaceuticals. The highly configurable platform provides dependable, consistent, and trouble-free operation through years of service.

Part Number/Wave Length Range

หมวดหมู่ : Instruments Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR)

แบรนด์ : Perkin Elmer


Spectrum 3 is loaded with a range of advanced innovations designed to provide you with exceptional performance and flexibility from the configuration you choose.

  • Exceptional signal-to-noise ratio and photometric performance
  • High reproducibility of spectral data without spectral interferences
  • Best-in-class sensitivity, even when using room temperature detectors
  • Characterize fast reactions with scan speed up to 100 scans/sec
  • Optimize sensitivity and spectral resolution performance
  • Maximize instrument uptime with a wide range of quickly interchangeable accessories
  • Simplified TG-IR hyphenation experience from a single vendor
  • Collaborate from any device, anywhere, any time with cloud connectivity
  • Perform routine analyses faster with on-instrument SmartPanel
  • Upgradeable to IR microscopy and imaging
Spectrum 3 is a complete solution with the flexibility and versatility to tackle any sample type for applications in, but not limited to:
  • Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals
  • Chemicals & materials
  • Polymers
  • Academia


21 CFR Part 11 CompatibleYes
Product Brand NameSpectrum 3 Tri-Range FT-IR Spectrometer
Research AreasFood & Agriculture
Wave Length Range11,000 - 30 cm-1  


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