LAMBDA 1050+ UV/Vis/NIR Spectrophotometer


SKU : L6020055

PerkinElmer LAMBDA 1050+ UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometers are designed to offer the highest performance and flexibility to analyze a wide range of sample types, including analysis of coatings, high performance glass, solar, and advanced materials and components in both research and manufacturing. The LAMBDA 1050+ meets and often exceeds industry standards for ultra-high performance, flexibility, and convenience. The latest generation of LAMBDA 1050+ spectrophotometers are designed to offer faster scan rates, instrument setup and better response times than ever before to maximize your productivity.

หมวดหมู่ : Instruments UV/Vis Spectroscopy (UV)

แบรนด์ : Perkin Elmer


The high performance LAMBDA 1050+ offers unmatched flexibility by providing you the choice to configure systems to suit your needs. From selection of detectors to accessories that provide the most convenient and flexible approach to sampling than any other UV/Vis/NIR system available.

Better Sample Control

The LAMBDA 1050+ has been designed with a host of features and accessories to control your sample and ensure the quality of your data, including:
  • The industry’s largest sample compartments for more sample maneuverability and quick installation of various accessories
  • Snap-in integrating spheres to capture diffuse and specular reflectance. Available in 100 and 150 mm, with 8° reflectance and center mount capability
  • Universal Reflectance Accessory with dual Si and InGaAs detectors for automated, precise and reproducible angle adjustments
  • Pol/Depol Drive Unit for automatic control of polarized or depolarized light via PC
  • Internal instrument-controlled attenuation from 1 to 0.1%, for high absorbing measurements
Smarter Flexibility
The smart modular design of LAMBDA 1050+ together with a range of snap-in accessories allow you to set up the instrument to suit a variety of needs and configurations, including:
  • Dual Sampling Compartment – The LAMBDA 1050+ can be configured with two large sampling compartments for twice the flexibility. Use one for standard reflectance or transmission tests, and the other for more specific customizable applications
  • Universal Reflectance Accessory – Remove the standard detector and snap in this innovative accessory for automatically measuring sample angles
  • Total Absolute Measurement System - The Total Absolute Measurement System (TAMS) provides the highest degree of flexibility and accuracy in measuring specular, as well as diffuse transmission, and reflectance capabilities, with upgradeable detector configuration
  • General-Purpose Optical Bench – Swap in our GPOB to accommodate larger samples such as lenses, beamsplitters and optics

Greater Productivity

  • Faster results - With its high sensitivity, the new LAMBDA 1050+ can scan faster than ever with no reduction in data quality – up to 2.25 times faster Simple Scan and 40% faster Full Scan rates than older versions
  • Higher sensitivity - Double mirrors that offer better signal for greater sensitivity to accurately characterize your samples
  • Reduced Setup Time – With the industry’s lowest instrument setup and sampling setup time, the lightning fast LAMBDA 1050+ is quicker than ever. It allows you to not only go where you’ve never gone before, but you can get there the fastest way possible! We also offer a standard validation kit for all of our LAMBDA spectrophotometers.


Unleash the power of your LAMBDA 1050+ UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometer with UV WinLab software designed for operational simplicity and the power to address the most challenging analyses. Our Enhanced Security™ (ES) UV WinLab software is designed for busy pharmaceutical, manufacturing, industrial, food, or academic laboratories in regulated environments that require compliance with US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.


21 CFR Part 11 CompatibleYes
Height30.0 cm
InterfaceTungsten-halogen and Deuterium
Maximum Temperature35 °C
Minimum Temperature15 °C
Model NameLAMBDA 1050+
Operating Range175 - 3300 nm
Product Brand NameLAMBDA
Research AreasFood & Agriculture
Warranty1 year 
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