LAMBDA Bio with TrayCell Accessory


SKU : L7110287

For over 50 years we have remained at the forefront of research and innovation. Now, we have drawn on our experience to bring you the LAMBDA Bio spectrophotometer, the instrument you can depend on to meet the demands of your busy laboratory.

หมวดหมู่ : Instruments UV/Vis Spectroscopy (UV)

แบรนด์ : Perkin Elmer


Specially designed with you in mind

  • Split beam operation ensures high stability and run-to-run reproducibility
  • External power supply reduces heat in the spectrophotometer - a major source of instrument drift
  • Ultra long-life Xenon lamp and zero moving parts minimizes maintenance and maximizes your lab's uptime
Get answers in an instant
  • An innovate optical design provides full spectra almost instantly
  • Full suite of life-science methods: DNA, RNA and Oligonucleotide calculations, protein assays, cell density measurements and much, much more!
  • Large, intuitive full graphics display
Customized to fit your lab
  • Compact design allows the LAMBDA to fit anywhere in your lab
  • Customize methods for instant recall and rapid answers
  • Transfer data to your computer for printing or storage using a USB PC connector
TrayCell Accessory
A fiber-optic ultra-micro measuring cell designed for the analysis of proteins and nucleic acids. The cell has a system of prisms and fiber optics which serve to periscope the light beam up to the sampling window and then back to the detector on the instrument. A cap which contains a small mirror is placed on top of the cell which ensures that the sample is measured at constant pathlength. The pathlength is achieved by a double pass through the sample as controlled by the cap height.

Features include:
  • Filling, measuring and cleaning within seconds
  • Width and depth are equivalent to a standard 1 cm cuvette
  • Quartz SUPRASIL window covering the range 190 – 1100 nm
  • Sample volumes 0.7 μL – 5 μL
  • Supplied with both a 0.2 mm and a 1.0 mm pathlength cap (other pathlengths available as options)


InterfaceXenon Flash
Maximum Temperature35 °C
Minimum Temperature15 °C
Product Brand NameLAMBDA
Technology TypeUV/Visible (UVS)
Warranty1 year
Wave Length190 nm - 1100 nm 
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