Bismuth (Bi) System 2 Electrodeless Discharge Lamp


SKU : N3050611

System 2 Electrodeless Discharge Lamps (EDLs) provide the optimized spectral output needed to get the maximum performance from PerkinElmer® Atomic Absorption spectrometers.

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System 2 Electrodeless Discharge Lamp for the detection of elemental Bismuth (Bi). Note: PinAAcle™ instruments require the purchase of an EDL driver assembly, part number 03030997, for each of the lamp positions to be used.

Electrodeless Discharge Lamps for greater brightness (EDLs) are typically much brighter and, in some cases, provide better sensitivity than comparable HCLs. EDLs are preferred for certain volatile elements. They offer better precision and lower detection limits for analyses that are “noisy” due to weak hollow cathode emission.

Electrodeless Discharge Lamps (EDLs) are designed to be physically interchangeable with Intensitron Hollow Cathode Lamps. Their power supplies are built into all the PinAAcle™ series of atomic absorption spectrometers. Use of EDLs with those instruments requires only the purchase of an EDL driver assembly for each of the lamp positions to be used.



Adapter TypeSystem 2 EDL Coded
Model Compatible WithAAnalyst, PinAAcle
Number of ElementsSingle
Outer Diameter2 in
Product Brand NameSystem 2
Product GroupElectrodeless Discharge Lamp (EDL)
Technology TypeAtomic Absorption 
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